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We have a variety of popular games that will surely entertain your guests. In addition, all of our games can be customized with your name to create a personal touch. We provide delivery, setup, and breakdown, so alll you and your guests have to do is have fun!


Have a competition-size cornhole at your event. A simple yet very entertaining game for your guests to enjoy. Comes with 2 boards and 8 colored bean bags of your choice 

badminton game.PNG

$100 Badminton

A popular racquet sport that is known for being both physically demanding and fun to play. Comes with 4 racquets and plenty of shuttles.


A great addition for soccer fans to enjoy while having a drink with cup holders on each side. Up to 4 players can play to see who can score a hat trick first. Comes with plenty of soccer balls!

$100 Giant Jenga

Another popular game where your guests can test their skill, strategy, and a bit of luck as they stack their way to the top without toppling the tower. Start out at 2ft and can end up 5ft high!

$250 Basketball

Guests will enjoy this electronic-scoring arcade classic. The backboard can adjust up to 6ft for some extra challenge. Comes with 8 basketballs so there's no delay for rapid scoring!

$250 Table Tennis

This fast-paced game requires quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and strategy, making it a challenge for players of all skill levels. Comes with 4 paddles and plenty of ping pong balls.

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