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DJ Headphones


Every dance floor needs a great DJ. One that comes hours before the event to set up and usually the last one to leave after breaking down. You need a DJ that knows a variety of music genres and can take song requests live. Can gauge the crowd and pick the right song to keep the dance floor busy. You need a DJ that is passionate in their art and this is what we provide at Han Entertainment.

Audio mixing table


- One of our experienced DJs

- Announcements and interactions with guests

- Customized playlist and live requests

- Industry-standard DJ system

- 2 speakers 

- 2 wireless microphones

- Lighting system for the dance floor

- Facade (cover) to provide a clean look 

- Setup and breakdown

$2000* 5 hours of service

*You can inquire about the exact price to fit your needs and 

there are discounts for combining services

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